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Find out More about How Foam Insulation Can Be Used Across Winnipeg

Many prospective customers have questions about how effective spray foam insulation really is. GW Spray Foam Insulation has complied some of our commonly asked questions here. Continue reading to find out if your question is answered, if not, feel free to send us an email by filling out the eform on our contact page.

Why is spray foam better than regular insulation?

Traditional insulation has a Long Term Thermal Rating which is degraded over time. Spray foam will never lose its shape which means it won’t sag, crack or gap.

How is spray foam insulation used for waterproofing?

We use top-quality Johns Manville spray foam insulation products which are impervious to water absorption. When applied to cracks, it creates a tight bond and does not change its shape over time.

How does spray foam insulation save on energy costs?

Spray foam insulation creates an air-tight barrier that prevents air and moisture from leaking in or out. When outside air is unable to enter your home, you use less energy trying to keep the space at a comfortable temperature.

Will spray foam insulation help with allergies?

Spray foam insulation can help reduce allergens from entering the home due to the barrier it creates when applied to cracks and walls. Contaminated outdoor air will not be able to enter through areas sealed with spray foam insulation, which will result in improved indoor air quality.

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