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GW Spray Foam Insulation: Prevent Formation of Ice Dams with Spray Foam

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof. The formation of an ice dam will prevent melting snow from properly draining. As this excess water backs up behind the dam, it can begin leaking through the roof leading to damage of walls, ceilings and insulation.

Ice dams form after there has been snow cover on your roof and develop from a combination of outside temperatures and heat lost through the roof. If too much heat is lost through the roof and allows the upper portion of the roof to be heated above freezing (warmer than 32° F), it’s possible an ice dam will form as the melted snow travels to the lower and colder portions of the roof and refreezes.

The most common cause of ice dam formation is heat loss from the home or building’s interior. By installing proper insulation in new homes or increasing the thickness of insulation in older homes, heat loss can be reduced and prevent the formation of ice dams. GW Spray Foam Insulation is able to provide proper insulation to reduce the amount of heat lost from you home. Our spray foam insulation can help to prevent ice dams by doing all of the following:

  • Sealing and filling air leaks in the attic floor, like those surrounding wire and plumbing, attic hatches and ceiling light fixtures that lead to the attic from the living areas below
  • Increasing thickness of insulation on the attic floor, around ductwork and chimneys that pass through the attic

Take preventative measures to protect your home from leaks and damage from ice dams by ensuring your home is properly insulated. The professionals at GW Spray Foam Insulation can give your home the extra insulation it needs and prevent you from encountering problems in the future. Contact us today to prevent ice dams with spray foam insulation in Winnipeg.

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