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Spray Foam Insulation for a Variety of Uses in Winnipeg

A winter getaway to the cottage doesn’t have to be chilling. Even when the thermostat is in the negative, you can remain cosy and warm. Cottagers in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario can find comfort while saving money on their energy bill. The Johns Manville brand of insulation used by GW Spray Foam Insulation is proven to reduce energy bills by 30 to 50%.

Whether you are a homeowner, commercial contractor or agricultural worker, we can show you how our spray foam insulation can be applied to suit your needs. Over the years, we have developed innovative applications for our spray foam insulation in the following settings:







Johns Manville


With over 10 years of experience as Winnipeg’s Spray Foam Specialists, GW Spray Foam Insulation has tried an array of products, but none come close to Johns Manville. Johns Manville manufactures insulation products and a variety of other materials for roofing, engineering and other industries. They have over 150 years of experience developing and fine-tuning their products in order to get them just right. That is why their spray foam insulation products are the only ones we trust to complete our projects. Backed by such a strong company that has built a fantastic reputation for itself, we are confident that our quality workmanship coupled with their durable insulation products will only result in happy customers—which is always our top priority at GW Spray Foam Insulation.

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