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Spray Foam Insulation Saves You Energy and Money in Winnipeg

Energy costs beginning to drain your finances? We can help you keep more of your money in your wallet. GW Spray Foam Insulation services have been proven to save customers between 30 and 50% on their energy costs.

Our foam insulation forms an effective barrier to protect against transfer of heat and moisture.

Residential Spray Foam Uses and Benefits

Choosing poor-quality insulation will actually cost you more in the long run. High-quality insulation in the home is not only necessary for keeping you warm in the winter, but its benefits go far beyond simply padding your walls. By insulating with spray foam, you can ensure that every crevice and corner is sealed, eliminating air passage through cracks which drains energy.

Sealing cracks in the building foundation and walls with spray foam also helps keep out unwanted house guests, in the form of rodents and other creepy crawly critters. It can also reduce the chances of mould growing, as it would seal it off and make it airtight.

Spray foam insulation has helped traditional construction methods conform to the energy-efficient green building initiatives of modern construction. When installed in the building envelope, spray foam outperforms fiberglass insulation. Spray foam is the superior form of insulation to choose for all of the following reasons:

Prevents air and moisture from entering the home

Prevents dust, pollen and bugs from entering the home

Improves comfort of occupants of the home

Reduces risk of ice dam formation

Reduces energy costs

Improves air quality of the your home

Provides strength to the building envelope

Works well in combination with efficient HVAC equipment

Sturdy and permanent solution, will not sag over time

Meets building codes

Spray foam can be installed over a variety of building materials including concrete, wood, steel and most roof systems.

Read from the Spray Foam Homeowner’s Guide to learn more about spray foam insulation and the benefits it provides.

Ceiling with spray foam


Professional roofers use our services when upgrading roofs on older homes with inferior insulation. During their roof replacement, we come in to spray into the exposed attic spaces. On a new construction, we can spray cathedral ceilings, open truss ceilings and flat ceilings.

Waterproof spray foam


When applied to basement foundations and even the exterior of homes at the ground level, rain run-off is not able to leak into your home and flood your basement. Applying spray foam to basement walls can eliminate or lessen the amount of water seepage through cracks in the foundation. By spraying foam insulation to foundation walls it adds a barrier and can also help stabilize the structure.

Cracks in the wall

Plug Holes

Holes through the foundation or the walls of your house can be plugged, filled and sealed by GW Spray Foam Insulation. This is where utilities may pass from the outside to the inside or even that old coal chute. Get your free estimate today.

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